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faq's seek skincare?

are the products suitable for all skin types?

yes, our products are suitable for all skin types. we recommend conducting a patch test prior to full application to ensure compatibility with your skin.

is there any fragrance in the products?

fragrances in skin care products may cause allergies and skin irritation, our formulation for skinimalist regime is made without any added fragrance.

our formulation for the skinimalist regime is made without any added fragrance as it may cause allergies and skin irritation.

it is important to note that fragrances may cause allergies and irritation in some people, which is why we use a fragrance-free formulation in our skinimalist regime.

are your products certified?

yes we are proud to say, all our products are licensed and certified.

what payment methods are available?

you can make payments through american express, visa, mastercard, razorpay and phonepe. for more details please have a look on our website. unfortunately, we don't accept money order, gift cards, checks, etc.

what is the shelf life of the products?

our products are best before 24 months of manufacturing. kindly refer to the outer mono carton/box for checking the expiry date of the product.

is your shipping free?

yes, our products consists no shipping charges on any products. get your items delivered anywhere in India hassle-free! choose from prepaid or cash on delivery payment options.