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  • niketa goel

    "in love with this sunscreen serum. it’s perfect for my skin. leaves no white cast and it’s super hydrating, leaves a natural glow as well. highly recommended"

  • ruchika mohatta

    "Now that I have used seek ‘religiously’ since the launch here’s my first review on the Seek Matcha Foaming Face Wash. It’s a true game-changer in the realm of cleansing rituals. It effortlessly removes impurities without stripping away the precious hydration (i have dry skin so this matters a lot!) in fact, what sets this face wash apart is the remarkable suppleness it leaves behind, as if my skin just received a comforting embrace from a long-lost friend. Let’s not forget that delightful cooling factor, damn refreshing! I genuinely long for this moment every day! This is truly my ‘most favourite’ offering from Seek"

  • janhavi mishra

    I recently tried the cute 15 ml sunscreen serum and i must say it exceeded my expectations as a sunscreen and skin serum in one. this product offers an ultimate shield against harmful uva and uvb rays while providing additional skin benefits,making it an essential addition to any skincare routine.

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