you don't need the 10-12 step Skincare Routine

you don't need the 10-12 step Skincare Routine

the first thought that comes to mind when you hear about skincare is a long and hectic 10-12 steps skincare routine. this long and multi-step routine has been popularized by korean beauty mentors and it has taken skincare to another level. but let’s be honest, do we need this lengthy and extensive routine? korean women follow this regime on a regular basis for taking care of their skin to get a flawless complexion and good looks. these steps are very thorough and have to be done regularly. you must be wondering how extensive this routine is. it includes toners, different types of masks, essence, and more. conducting so many steps regularly takes a lot of time and money. not to forget, following extra skincare steps involve extra usage of products and chemicals on your skin, which can be a drawback.

we can do skincare with fewer steps and products if you know that there is no need for such a lengthy process. it does not have to be a complex process or require a lot of time.

a dedicated everyday skincare routine can be practiced by using only the essentials for your skin. you don’t need a long list of products to take care of your skin, rather all you need are the skin essentials that will give your skin the required nourishment and feel. eliminate the unnecessary steps which make your self-care routine long and look like a chore. a skin care regimen is primarily intended to help you take care of your skin. to achieve effective and systematic skincare procedures, you must be efficient in today’s fast-paced world.

taking time out for yourself becomes very difficult but as it is said “when there is a will, there’s a way”. “skinimalism”, this word itself explains the process of skincare with a very minimalistic approach. you can incorporate skincare into your daily life by taking out very less time in the morning and at night for your am and pm routine. use fewer necessary products and use them on your skin for getting the desired results. it is not necessary to follow these lengthy steps for skincare, rather use only what is required.

seek promotes skinimalism and is all about minimal usage of products that ends up giving maximum benefits to the skin. it follows traditional steps because all your skin needs ideally is cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection (unless you have a derma issue, then consult the doctor). the cms routine is the best way to keep your skin in its best form and health. it is composed of three steps: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, which give you the most effective skincare routine with minimal effort. check out seek skincare’s skinimalist regime to get all the essentials you need.

it is time that we stop following these 10-12 steps skincare regime and shift to a more effective and efficient skincare routine. these lengthy routines are good for marketing but not that efficient when it comes to daily skincare. let’s take a step towards breaking the myth that skin care is a very time taking process. let’s make skincare an integral part of our daily life for better and more worthwhile results.

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