slow morning for a paced, balanced life

slow morning for a paced, balanced life

most people worldwide start their day by looking at their phones. it starts with checking the message, reading the news, and scrolling through social media sites. modern technology and digitalisation surround human beings in this developing and rapidly evolving world. but people often seize to see the negative impact it makes on their lives. being more engrossed in technology has affected mental and physical health. it makes life more complex, hectic and paced. the question is how can we make it better?

slow morning, a counter movement to deal with regular hectic and high-paced life. slow morning aims to provide a break from all morning rush. to start the day with no technological involvement which enhances the sense of focus and balance in life. different people perform different tasks to follow a slow morning. some prefer to go out for a walk, meditate or do nothing at all. with the availability of 24/7 digital connectivity, it has become very crucial to maintain a balance in daily routine. following this routine will benefit you in getting a fresh start to your day with a boost in your mental health. this also benefits in reducing stress and anxiety, allowing you to be more creative and efficient.

instead of waking up to the sound of the notification tone and checking your phone, wake up and take a walk. experience the beauty around you by connecting with nature. take some “me time” out and take a stroll in the park or garden. listen to the birds singing their melodies as you wake up early and gaze at the rising sun. in addition to keeping you away from digital distractions, it will also improve your physical and mental health, reduce stress, feel relaxed and be more active. being around animals also has a lot of positive impact on a person, elevating their good feelings.

adaption of a slow morning with consistent routines can make your mornings relaxed and positive. it aims at making your morning more productive and giving you a focused and energized start to the day. an ideal morning routine includes activities like self-care by making a skincare routine, meditating, yoga or working out, connecting with nature and making out a plan for the day (check out the skincare essentials and wellness merchandise for an effective routine). these activities can differ and people can do things according to their preferences and liking. before going out and interacting with the world, have the morning under your control. take the time out to self-reflect on yourself. having a routine for slow mornings can uplift your mood and give you a proper start to your day.

excessive involvement in the digital world has also created a distance between people. it may have brought people closer digitally, but has drifted people apart in real life. technological advancement has made work easier, but on the contrary, it has rather increased the pressure on individuals. the slow morning method gives you time to connect with the people in your life and have a better bond. it will also help working professionals in giving more time to their family and friends and maintain a proper work-life balance.

it is very important to give yourself the same amount of priority as we give your profession and career. make sure to take some time off for yourself to look after your well-being. taking some time out doesn’t mean compromising your career and work. it rather gives you the required strength and capacity to be more prepared and committed. along with benefiting physical health, it gives you the space to think and acknowledge the things in your life. slow mornings and consistency in morning habits have also benefited people in performing better in their workplace. in this world of rush, start a little slow to help yourself go with the flow.

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