Is Skincare necessary for all seasons?

Is Skincare necessary for all seasons?

many people worldwide think that skincare is required only in a specific season. did you know that around 40% of people tend to do skincare only during winter? it is good to take care of the skin in harsh cold weather but it is equally important to take care of your skin for every season. as the temperature outside changes, the skin also goes through some difficult changes. not taking proper care of the same can damage your skin. it can reduce the strength and health of the skin and its protection capability. it is very crucial to maintain an effective and efficient skincare routine for every season. maintaining a routine will make your skin better and also improve its health. it will also enhance the skin’s strength and reduce the chances of any skin problems. a routine helps your skin to adapt easily to changes in temperature and weather.

with the shift in weather, the skin has to work extra to adjust to the change. it can lead the skin in becoming tight or dry or increase redness. like when the season shifts from summer to winter, the temperature and humidity fall. in this situation, the skin has to put extra effort to maintain hydration. this can lead to cracks in the outer skin and inflammation which can impact the skin’s overall health. as the weather starts becoming warmer the humidity level increases for which the skin has to again adjust. more humidity makes the skin heavy and greasy due to more oil being trapped on the skin’s surface. maintaining a proper routine for the same can give your skin the energy and boost to adjust to the change. as it is said, “your skin will be as good as your skincare routine”.

for every season, people must take proper care of their skin to maintain its health. in summer make sure to keep proper care of your skin by having a proper skincare routine. the skin gets more damaged in the summer due to the excessive and harsh rays of the sun. during this time the skin gets affected making you feel irritated, red, and dry. use face wash or cleanser on your face to remove dirt and oil for smooth and clean skin. using a moisturiser hydrates your skin as the majority of water is lost due to sweating. make sure to use spf daily to protect your skin from harmful uva and uvb rays. it can help keep your skin safe from the severe damage that excessive sun rays can cause.

to keep your skin healthy and protected in winter, use moisturizer, lip balm and sunscreen rigorously (our pick: seek gel and cream moisturiser, spf 47 and multi use lip balm for best results). the moisturiser helps in giving the skin the necessary moisture to maintain its health and replenish it. in winter the sun’s rays are as strong as in summer and skipping spf can cause severe damage. use lip balm to protect your lips from getting chapped and from drying out. make sure to take extra care during the winter by using proper products which are suitable for your skin.

skincare is not something to be done in a specific season, it is something that must be done rigorously. it is crucial to understand how important skincare is regardless of the season. a routine gives your skin constant support and nourishment to stay at its best state. make a routine and follow it for every season because your skin needs your help to protect you.

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